Sweet – Spree

A spree is defined by Webster’s as a period of time filled with unrestrained activity. That certainly expresses our culture. We are in a frenzy of activity, chasing fulfillment in the form of “more.” If a little is good, more is better. If one is good, two is better. We are stressed and anxious because we want and need just a little more to make life better. This is a commonly accepted lie that is believed and lived out in much of our society. Jesus taught that having more fulfillment, more joy in life really comes from being content with less. The idea that “less is more” seems crazy.

Ecc 4:6; Lk 12:15, 12:21; Heb 12:1; Neh 4:14

Better one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind.
(Ecc 4:6)

In order to live one handful at a time you have to let go of the things that don’t matter. If you were given 90 days to live, how would you spend your last days? The things we spend most of our time doing would not even make that list. Our relationship with God and with family and friends would be top priority. So let go of the things that are not of greatest value. Also, cut back on spending and rid yourself of the stressors and pressures of maintaining and attaining more. You can enjoy life more if you aren’t worrying so much about life! Get your schedule under control. Just because something is good doesn’t mean it’s the best use of your time. If working out 5 times a week is robbing you of time with your family, cut back. Find something the family can do together to promote a healthy lifestyle. Learn to say “no.” Some things need to go, throw them out. Even some good things don’t deserve your attention. Save your energies for the best things. And, turn off the TV, put down the tablets, pads, phones, etc. Engage in real conversations with your family and friends. Make a move toward one-handful living. It’s the sweet life!

How would you spend your last days if given 90 days to live? Aside from work and sleep, what do you spend most of your time doing? Do you have trouble saying “no” to new responsibilities? Is there anything in your schedule that is interfering with your God and family time? Are you spending more time with your kids or more time chauffeuring them from activity to activity?

Take a step. Find one way to cut spending, one way to cut back your schedule, one thing to get rid of from your schedule, and establish non-media times for yourself and your family.

Gracious Lord, you created time and yet I have trouble finding time for you and for the things that matter most in life. Forgive me and direct my steps so that I can learn to live a one-handful life…a life with a free hand to attend to the most important things in life. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

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